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My focus is OnHo
Minew stands for Minho x Onew pairing/fandom, known in Korea. I think internationally it's Dubuho/Tofuho/OnHo and HoOn in Thailand.

Since there are a lot of writers and fanfics for this pair *sarcasm*: Onew x Minho. The Scarceness of this made me want to burst but I'm not blaming writers for not writing them. I just want to give it some more love myself and spread the disease in process.Cause them to ship maybe? or at least have them writing some shots for the two *sparkles*. [No force required *write damn it!* ~]

I'll be posting my OnHo fics here and repost some previous once I wrote--that I like myself. :D I'll be posting Fanarts--some maybe of my own--and the sources I used for banners and icons with respect to their original maker because most of what I use for in editing isn't mine of course--I'm a losaaah. :l

I will post some fics I want--if the author's would let me--that I love so much to share it to others. And I'll do "Fanfic Challenge" [soon] and choose among the participants fanfics to be posted here too beside my --epic fail-- fics :D

Anyway I hope those who joined/who'll join will have fun~ Mikaera

OTL<--- still fail