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I Don't call this Prank 8D
mikaerayohiko wrote in minewden
And I was forever stalking my Tumblr--because I'm no blogger, no commenter spree user--in hopes I can get more updated to Shinee or OnHo(pictures and fanarts). Most people I follow there are of course ONHO shippers like moi. So yeah...I found this....

And I was staring at this in hope it would make sense. 1 minute later... OH it's Minho!

Slightly thought who's that guy behind him? (Still doesn't know who he is) 
Then spots that odd sticky note behind Minho. Stares at it and thought Onew but remembered his real name, Lee Jinki. Reads the character ''Yu". Checked google. ONEW=온유. Goes back to tumblr... stares at the GIF again. Stares more. Smiles. Smirks. Eyes dilates. Puts hand over mouth. Squeals. Giggle. Evolves as OnHo fangirl. Dies and went straight to heaven. 8D

Nah.. went here to post how I reacted and share OnHo stuffs to see if anyone minds LOL. Kidding just posting the inevitable. 

Credits to: Tumblr: frappuccinonew (I think)


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