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His Sweet Downfall (1/2) -edited-
mikaerayohiko wrote in minewden

In school once you hear the name Choi Minho you would think of two different people: Lee Minho from modeling class and Choi Siwon one of the school power players. But if you think of the real person who own that name together, he’s the combined version of both and more. He’s known as Flaming Charisma and Mr. Competitive which suits him like a glove once you meet him.  

Choi Minho goes with the image every single day anyway, wind passing behind him as he passed-by awestruck students that all he need was flowery surrounding and little stars to make him sparkle and he resembles a person out of a Manwha. It’s almost too unfair to be that beautiful and a natural for that matter. No plastic surgery or whatsoever to make him that way just his puberty hitting in all the right ways, growth spurt topping everything. He’s one of the tallest students in the whole school which definitely is a great help in his athleticism and for his slightly attention seeking self which no one would know because Minho doesn’t need to ask for it.  

He has a downside though because just when you think he had all that, as perfect as he sound and look to others he also had an aberrant side to him and it’s caused by a two year older sunbae named Lee Jinki from the theatre class.  The guy’s the smartest lad in Special Class Academy and he’s known as Smiling Angel and Mr. I-Can-Do-Everything which like Minho’s titles, suits him perfectly.  

Jinki, also known by his stage name as Onew(Onyu), is very hard working and he can do almost everything and anything that even the sports was more than willing to take him after watching him play soccer in their school’s sports meet. Besides that, like Minho, his beauty is all about puberty hitting it good. People who knew Jinki from childhood where perplexed to his change. From stubby to yummy they would say with loud chuckles and Jinki said nothing about that but admits he had really changed drastically over time. He is really attractive and armed with his more-than-a-sunny-day smile, many had fallen and Minho was not an exemption or the other guys (male).  

How they met was nothing less than a Manwha scene too, like how they appear to be. He trips and the other catches. Jinki has this ‘condition’ wherein he trips to illogical and unseen things, like a quark of an atom maybe? They’ve become friends in the end with Minho acting like Jinki’s knight and shining armor, but just a friend.

Attraction became a sudden question though when they started spending more time together the more Minho realizes he feels this void between them and he doesn’t know what it was. Key, his friend, throws in the golden hammer and deemed him ‘in love’ with Jinki and without any other explanation to his uncharacteristically made actions when the older lad was around. He admitted and accepted the diva was right, he always was.

It solved his first problem but formed a new one. He knew they’re both straight guys, at least he was before, and it’s a problem when no one actually knows about Jinki’s preference but the fact that he's ultimately a nice and a gentleman. He tried asking Key who doesn’t know, for the first time, but tells him about some other information. He says that Jinki was respected by many that no one dared to talk about his private life, plus he had only been the popular dude when he got to the academy they were in. He also doesn’t have a lot of friends before so getting information is hard as finding needles under the sea.  

The longer the other’s personal reference is a question, the more it was difficult to think straight especially now that he knew he had fallen and he’s still falling for Jinki each day. He just couldn’t think straight and talk normal when his around anymore. He talks awkwardly without any amount of charisma he usually brings to the table and had Jinki rolling his eyes and laughing at him. Minho thought of changing for good. For himself.  

Laughing didn’t pull on the trigger for him to change but his beloved game of Soccer. He had a mannerism to invite his friends to watch the practice game or the actual game, if they’re free, to cheer for the whole team. But he only wishes for Jinki to come which happens more often than not. When Jinki’s there he plays as if it was Nationals already and he had a lot of praises from the coach as well as the team and the people, especially when it’s a real match. He sometimes brings in the impossible goals of 7-0. His presence boosts Minho most of the time until he had noticed the unnoticeable before.  

When it’s a game, the bench players had this frequent visit at the first bleachers where Jinki was. Taecyeon and Wooyoung was all over him, to Minho, draping their sweaty arms around him and sometimes mimicking a fight over him. It was funny for the others but it was making him angry and Minho getting angry had him missing a couple of passes and goals. They almost lost a game, one day and the coach was furious. Minho was blamed for it of course and he was threatened not to play for the season if he doesn’t put his head to the game.  

Minho has trouble in taking the pressure and so he takes it upon his distraction, Lee Jinki. Minho had avoided him for weeks and everyone had noticed it finally and Jinki was fed up in pretending not to notice it too.  He asked for Key and Jonghyun’s help and they were just as frustrated and headed out to find Minho to get things fixed once and for all.  

“Did I do something wrong?” Jinki asked after Key left accompanied by Jonghyun, who takes the same class like Jinki, tailing behind the diva.  

“Huh? What’s that about?” Minho smirked as he crossed his legs. “I don’t get why we should be talking inside the library’s lounge at this hour.”  

“Well you won’t answer my calls, you’re always out to party with your friends and you're avoiding me inside the campus like I have a contagious disease you’re afraid to get.” Jinki removed his specs and massaged the bridge of his nose before looking at Minho who gazed down his own hands as if he wasn’t interested.  

“I…don’t know what you’re talking about. We never met in actual proximity these past few weeks. I’m not avoid—”  

“But of course we never meet in ACTUAL PROXIMITY, care to know why?” Jinki raised his voice for the first time and Minho looked estrange and uneasy but waited to hear the rest of his sunbae’s statement. “Because the moment you see me down the hallway you change your route like there’s a sign of ‘wet floor’ or ‘attention high voltage’ planted there—if I did something wrong tell me so I would know and not look stupid! And if you don’t want to be friends then…” there’s a pause before he finishes in a whisper “…say it already.”  

He watched Jinki deflate back to a less angry self, hands vibrating to the table as it trembled and Minho looked at him, pained and regretful.  

Minho huffed for some air, burned his gaze down Jinki who was holding his sobs with the back of his hand, until he was more than determined to come out clean and sorry. “I just don’t see you as a friend anymore. Sorry.”  

And just that everything returned to normal and his title soared to the sky once more, wind behind his back, awestruck students, squeals and picture stolen by his avid fan girls slash classmates and schoolmates. The only differences to his usual behavior were his smiles turning wider, his over competitiveness getting stronger and his charisma overflowed like waterfall that washed everyone out.    

If you wondered why, blame the epitome of his new found self—  

“Ow Taemin!” 
^`’^ * ^`’^ 
Confused? GOOD! Will update next part after 4 hours. ㅋㅋㅋ


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2 hours for the completion. Although it is complete already XD

Sorry BB (>o 3 o)>~


Naah~ ish okay! I love suspense and confusion. lmfao

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