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mikaerayohiko wrote in minewden
Chapter 3:

             “I don’t want to see you! Get out of here!"

                “Onew, I—“

              “Get out!”

            “Jinki calm down, please—Nurse, take her away!”


            Minho was edging on the door, hands trembling eager to do something although he seemed to run out of what to do. The day started with a game and escalated to an uncomforting and confusing atmosphere for him. He had even thought of leaving but his feet won’t agree with him and he was glued there to watch the whole scenario.


            He watched until Luna was taken, dragged actually, outside by expressionless nurses who had their  face masks on. He wanted to help her out but the thought of Jinki getting furious like that, Minho inwardly thought she’s a bad news or something. After all she lied about being Jinki’s girlfriend right? Not that Jinki said it himself but, he won’t do that to his girlfriend. He might be screaming and cursing awhile ago but Minho sees it more as being defensive rather than trying to offend.


            “Hey Minho, don’t just stand there and help me with Jinki.” Changmin asked, a person he knew already. He was an ex-player for their soccer team who graduated and is currently practicing medicine under his uncle. He wasn’t surprise about his sunbae being there since that’s where they get their annual health check up for free.

            “Sure…” Minho said slowly and did what he was asked. He shivered slightly from holding a
sedated Jinki in his arms while Changmin fixed the sheet and the pillows.


            “You can stop hugging him now. I need to put the IV on him” Changmin sniggered a little, accepting the youngest in the room’s heated glare.  He was just telling the truth anyway

            “I’m n-not hu-hugging him,” Minho stuttered, unable to hide his embarrassment. He mentally hit himself on the head after realizing how he held Jinki. Instead of plainly holding him up by putting an arm behind his back, he sat on the bed and placed Jinki on his chest to cradle him which was a bad choice of action since his sunbae knew his gender preference, not that it was a secret.


            “O-oh o-okay. I-I’m s-sorry, Minho-ss-ssi” Changmin mocked, giggling quietly as he taped the IV still on Jinki’s right hand, moving the slumbered lad’s head a little for a more comfortable position. Minho on the other hand only averted his gaze, knowing he can’t counter what’s actually obvious. He’ll just bury himself under the pit of the older man’s teasing.


            “Hyung…what just happened?” Minho ought to change the topic instead, although thinking about it, he really didn’t know what the hell happened. Who’s Luna for real anyway? Are they really together, since Jinki looked like he’s ready to break her neck? How sick was Jinki?   


            Changmin eyed Minho who was practically showering himself with questions he’s clearly oblivious
about. The thought of teasing his hoobae stopped and he knew at least he had to enlighten him. With a loud clearing of his throat, the younger looked at him and seemed to have a permanent questioning look passed
on Changmin who looked quite serene.


          “Follow me. It’s best to clear things in my office. He needs rest.”


            Onew is debuting all-rounder before you came, but even before he got in the
inter-school competition he had an accident. I think, exactly two years ago. He was in a coma for half a year and was transferred abroad for rehabilitation. He came back a year after but wasn’t allowed to play anymore vigorous sports due to a permanent damage to his heart so he ended up quitting and transferring school.

            Luna on the other hand was our classmate, an ex-girl soccer team captain and Onew’s
stalker thus making her an ex-girlfriend. Onew found out about her secret apartment near his own and freaked out, abruptly ending every tie he had with her. Luna couldn’t take it so she practically tried to kill him, thus that accident. Luna comes from a wealthy family and she got out of it easily besides the fact she’s a minor is one of the things that made the attempt murder case not to be followed. She was only sentenced for home arrestment and her family to shoulder the Lees’ son’s hospital fees and everything he might need in the future. 


            It’s the summary of what I know, so that’ll be all. You can leave as if nothing happened, even to Onew that is. He won’t remember this ever happening anyway, so you might as well act like it never did. This is secret information and I would appreciate it if you’re as quiet as I thought you were in the league, Minho-ah.


            What does he mean, he won’t remember? Was— “Ow!” Minho winced after he collided with the wall
not noticing he hadn’t reached his ‘actual’ dorm’s door. He grabbed his aching forehead before colliding to the door frame this time. His thoughts only diminished after a rich laughter was heard on the nearest corner of the hallway. He distinctively knew who it was from the beginning.

            “Yah! Are you alright? You look stupid colliding to a wall!” that extra high-pitched laughter made Minho turn fully, his eyes glaring first until it subsided to an evil smirk, the feline looking guy gasped involuntarily with his unknown expression.


            “Stupid? You think so? I bet this stupid guy wouldn’t know that your boyfriend’s cheating on you with  another girl, right? Jung Jessica was it? But of course you know that, right?” Minho’s orbs got larger as if taunting the now, nervous looking guy a meter away from him. “Or on second thought, based on that stupid  look on your face, you don’t. Have a goodnight or at least try to, Key-ssi.” The taller lad said sharply,
draining all the color (make up) on the other’s face, before finally entering his dorm room which is room-mate free with luck.


            He inwardly thought he had to explain and tell Jonghyun about what he had said the next day when his mood wasn’t as fucked up as it was today but he needs rest first. He just let Key bang on the door frantically cursing every being of him while Minho took it like a man and retreated to his bed wishing to fix what was there to fix the next day, including his friend’s boyfriend of course. He left Jonghyun a message though just before his world closes to dream land.


           [Spilled the beans, okay? Goodluck-hyungie!]


It's been awhile, I have to rewrite this since I lost my password in my docs. Sadly. Anyway it's sloppily done so I apologize for this. I'm Also real busy so my promise dates to finish stuffs just won't put it. Anyway, I'm off to reading fanfics I haven't read yet. 


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Anyway, this cleared up alot of things ne? Luna's such a creeper e_e Poor Jinki ;~;

Minho telling Key about JongSica is hilarious XD Guess his tongue got away from him XD

Thank you for updating Mika~♥


/cries with you

Yeah and it came from my anti-luna self before although now she's okay for me hahaha (I'm jinki's creeper too) D:

Haha He did have a slip of the tongue moment.

thanks for reading as always :") I really appreciate it. (I'm off to stalking your stories though. I missed a lot this past months)

*clings to you*

i'm still, negl, a bit anti-luna. probably 65%? lmfao
i'm sulli-biased when it comes to f(x).

lol sure, sure♥
you're very welcome!


you updated!!

I love this story, i'm looking forward the next chapt!!!!


Haha yeah I did and sorry if it took me quite awhile to do so.

^^ Thanks for reading anyway :))) *hugs back*

Don't worry it's ok!

Thanks for updated!!

*more hugs* (>^o^)>

Wah.... This is my first time to read, from 1 to 3, and u know what I really really really love it ^_______________^
Please update soon...
this is a beautiful OnHo story *cheesiness mode on, kekeke*
Fighting <3
OMO, I love u so much for making this story

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