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Love and Pretend (Part 2)
mikaerayohiko wrote in minewden

“I’m loosing what I don’t deserve.”


Jinki came home late from cram school to his shared apartment, head lolled to see the dark ceiling above him before entering with fervent feeling of seeing his employee again not that it wasn’t enough to see him at night and in day time when his parents are surely there checking out on him to see if he isn’t actually pretending his way out of his engagement. He was though, at first he was, but at the end? He just isn’t.


Migraine was evident lately and it was already abnormal. The fact he knew why he is having it every single day made it even harder to cure with anything else but him. He just doesn’t want him to be cured by that person. He doesn’t have any rights to. He already took so much from that younger man when he gladly helped him out, well ‘tricked’ will justify what he has done, when he read the lad’s face filled with desperation and at the moment he was practically on the edge as well.


He hired him as a ‘partner’, not fighting crimes-like partner but more of a lover. He was force to be engaged with his father’s old friend he barely knew or even had a good conversation with since at some point she looks as dumb as she could get. Jinki isn’t trying to be a jerk but it was obvious they’re way too different on all accounts. She was kind but not the right person for him. Jinki could feel it in his guts, the absence of spark, the countless forced smile he had to do just to show her he had, at some point, understand whatever she said. Although out of all things she had slapped on Jinki, he could only remember her name, her birthday, his father likes golf and she likes Pink. Not very helpful and will clearly get neglected if it was some sort of a job offer, he thought. So in the end, Jinki wanted to have a full proof plan to stop all the crap going on with his already force-filled life. Get his parents an ultimatum or something close to it. He talked to a friend, remembered something vulgar about him before, although he respects it in a way, and there he goes an idea. Be a ‘gay’. So gay it is. It was just pretend anyway and it wasn’t like he’s going to dress up as a girl, put on pink lipstick and high heels, nothing like that at all. It was safe. He thought it was.


The man’s name was Choi Minho. He was told that the younger lad of two years has proposed to work for him when Key managed to joke about his ‘helpless friend’ (Jinki) hiring  a fake lover for a month to escape from his unwanted fate to be a lawfully-wedded husband to a dum-dum(exactly how he said it). The guy didn’t reply right away but when he did, he replied directly to Jinki. On the foot of his sole-apartment, the young lad stood there with his tears and trembling body presenting himself as if he was there to sell his soul.

“Help me…” It didn’t take Jinki a wink to snatch his phone from his pocket and call for that ‘help’.


Then few weeks after this fraud he planned, karma seemed to take its toll from Jinki for being a delinquent child and for crossing the border of morality along with his own judgment. He was going to end it. He has to. Even it meant surrendering to his parents and hurting himself with his tongue-tied being, locked away and with no hopes from being saved anymore.   He just lost something he never had and he can’t do anything about it. He doesn’t know what else to do.




He says for the last time, clasping on the door frame, before sliding a piece of paper inside the small gap under the door where he placed all the things he can never tell Minho and probably never would. "i'm sorry..."

∞˘∞•∞˘∞   8'> Updated early since I got something good today!! I'm happy to say, for the previous cheer from different people and some of you guys who bothered reading this part and giving me a boost, I FREAKIN PASSED THE CNC (our dance club in school)!!!  I received the good news through a text message from the club's president.  I'm soooo happy now So I'm sharing kindness through updating this emergency fanfic. thank you so much :D <3 o u o love you guys~ <3 is and WILL FOREVER noms on silent readers~

part 1


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finally updated!! yeah!! hahaXD
I luv it so much!!
OH! OH! Congratz for your audition!!! I'm happy for you!!

I was suppose to post this on friday since It's a weekly fic but yeah~~ sorry it took me sometime 8D
glad you like it! >o<

thank you so much 8'>

Congrats Mika! ;)

Great! This is Jinki's part of the story.
Gosh, my heart hurts from the drama T^T

This is my congratulatory gift for you! lol
Ideal Types

:''> thanks judy~ :3

Yeah it's his part. I decided to separate them just in case of confusion and an easier access to the back story and point of views 8D
:'< sorry for hurting your heart~ *gives you froggy bandaids*

:D thank you!! I love it 8'>>>>>

thanks flame! (dunno what to call yah)8D~

8D cute gif <3 and your icon * o * pretty~

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